Wednesday 18 July 2018



Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore……Ps. 16:11

Those who love His presence certainly love life. The pleasure of His presence has the answer to all the pressures of life. Carrying and enjoying God’s presence begin with honoring and being conscious of it. Not everyone is aware of God’s presence or knows when it manifests.

Most life problems persist  because of God’s inability to get our attention and reach us. It  took a burning  bush  for God to get Moses’ attention. (Ex. 3). Whenever we seek God with all our heart, it is much easier to connect God because God is ever stable. But haven’t you noticed that when God wants to reach a man, or get a man’s attention, He creates a scene or sometimes it takes for us to be in serious trouble for God to get our attention?

Wasting anointing or visitation of His presence is tantamount to throwing vital resources and wasting destiny. May you not be absent when God is visiting. You have to make up your mind to always catch up with God in manifestation.

Israel missed the days of their visitation and even up till now many are yet to wake up to realize it. The bible says, “…….because thou knowest not the time of thy visitation” ……. they suffered ruin and attack because they simply missed God.  Lk. 19:44

Is it possible for God’s presence to be in a place and some are receiving while some others are just simply closed out?

Beloved you have to know how to recognize God’s presence and take advantage of it for your destiny. In Daniel  chapter 10: 7, Daniel alone was privileged to see the vision while the men with him experienced quaking and they fled. May you not be experiencing earthquake while others are enjoying His presence.

In Acts 22:9, the apostle Paul heard a voice from heaven and the men with him heard nothing.

In Numbers 22:23-32, the donkey saw but the prophet did not. How could a donkey see more than a prophet? Is it better to be a donkey than a prophet? Something must have blinded the prophet’s eyes.

Have you not noticed that sometimes when the heavens is pouring rain that certain close by areas may still be experiencing drought and dryness under the same heaven?

It is really a mystery how one can be in a service where some are receiving while others are not.

Beloved ,the presence of God is real, tangible. What ten hours of prayer and counseling cannot do can be accomplished in just one manifested presence of the Almighty.

You have to understand that our blessings are spiritual and they originate from the heavenly places, then you must be spiritual to receive. You must know how to connect or be in tune with  the Holy Sprit during an anointed service. 

This is very simple if you can focus your eyes, steady your heart and still your mind.

1.       Your heart must be involved, so refuse to sit loosely at the back or sideways. Get into the heart o f the program and be fully involved

2.       Avoid distractions. You cannot be a Martha of the kingdom of God. Refuse to let any sentimental or emotional issues hijack your mind during service.

3.       Avoid disorderliness. Confusion and disorder comes from the devil and is aimed at stealing your focus. Children are God’s heritage they are not instruments of disorderliness or distraction. Find a place to put them in care while you are busy spending time with God in service.

Beloved may you never waste God’s presence. The fullness of joy is your portion. And let thepleasure of His presence destroy all demonic pressure around your life and destiny in Jesus mighty name

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