"Father" is the covenant name God gave his choice minister, Apostle Henry A. Okwuosa, on April 17th, 1999, saying to him that "After the order of Abraham, you are going to be a father of many nations. kings and queens will be your children, presidents and prime ministers, and you will teach professors".

He Is The Founding Pastor of Ark of Greatness International, "The Winning Church," which is the church arm of the Ark of Greatness World Outreach, a ministry commissioned to "RAISE STRONG AND MATURE BELIEVERS WHO TAKE GENERATIONAL TERRITORIES FOR CHRIST, BY HIS WORD AND BY HIS HOLY SPIRIT".  The Ministry, under the Bishop of our soul, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, is presided by the apostolic grace of Father Henry A. Okwuosa.  
Ark of Greatness places great emphasis on the Word of God  and on prayer in the Holy Ghost as the apostles did.

Rooted in Christ and flowing in the grace of the Bishop David Oyedepo spiritual family tree, Father Okwuosa himself has deep Fatherly Roots and cutting edge mentor-ship with the ever blazing Rev George Izunwa of Gateway International ChurchPastor Jerry Eze of Streams of Joy Internationaland many others around the world. He is s a very strong teacher, preacher, fire brand minister and destiny coach to many, and he has zero tolerance for the spirit of mediocrity.
He believes in the total development and success of the total man, spirit, soul and body and this he demonstrates, with emphasis on the grace of God.

Ministry Office: Calls, Texts Or WhatsApp:  
Email: arkofgreatness@gmail.com
Or arkofgreatnessoffice@gmail.com

Man of God, Father Okwuosa's Direct WhatApp Line: 
  1. I got blessed very much by your site, I can feel the anointing and the authority and the blessing. God bless you very much.
    Pray for me and my wife, we are ministering in California, USA. and we need much grace and much power.
    Ezzat & Faten


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