There is so much you can know and understand by books and other readable resources. The beautiful of this is that most of these resources can be accessed online on many sites. Here is a collections of resourceful links to subjects that believers and leaders will find very useful in their studies and capacity growth.
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*Don't Let Bad Methods Undermine Good Theology

*Want More Church Leaders? Look For A Servant’s Heart

*The Impossible Calling of the Christian Preacher

*To the Next Generation of Church Leaders

*Keep Learning to Lead (Five Practical Lessons)

*Five Marks of a Servant Leader

*Don’t Let Success in Ministry Ruin Your Joy

*The Sermon Satan Loves to Hear

*To Faithful Pastors in Forgotten Places

*Great Reality Inspires Great Writing

*We Always Have Something Good to Say

*The Courage to Be Ordinary

*The 10 Commandments of Christian Leadership Development

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