Wednesday 1 August 2018


Prayers: Every yoke of backwardness and satanic bus stop, break by fire in the name of Jesus.

I Samuel 2:6-10, Psalm 3:3

God is the lifter of heads, He can lift from the lowest to the highest, He can promote from uncommon to common, He can make complete zero into a hero.

God can usher you into a destiny of honour and glory because He is the lifter of heads.

In Zachariah 1:19 There are powers that will not let go, there is a department called the department of the horn that will not allow heads to be lifted up in the spiritual realm. No matter how the person struggles the powers in the realm will not permit such horn to be lifted up. But with God all things are possible, horn could be lifted up through the Mighty hand of God.

When you are lifted by God, your status, position and realm changes.

What is it to be lifted?

To lift somebody upward

To be given a loud voice of recognition and promotion, if a man lifted you surely a man can demote you, but if God lifted you surely no man can demote you.

Many are riding dead horses and instead to cry unto Almighty God they bought horse whip to beat the dead horse to move or run and come alive.

Pray this prayer: The anointing that will lift up my head, I receive it now! In the name of Jesus

What is the importance of Anointing of divine lifting?

1. It multiplies and honor.

2. Isolate and separate you for a breakthrough.

3. Surest way to greatness.

4. Makes you acquire divine help that will result in significant placement / promotion and marvelous increase.

What happens when God lifts you?

1.               You become great and strong.

2.               People want you.

3.               You become lifters to others too.

4.               You become shining star and pace setter.

5.               You become easily acceptable and celebrated.

6.               You will possess magnetic attraction.

7.               Every step taken by your enemies become your promotion.

8.               Tragedy happens to those who are against you.

9.               Your scars become your star.

10.            Those that reject you shall celebrate you.

11.            You will become controversy.

Divine Lifting: is supernatural, it has nothing to do with your family, background, education and ender.

·                  God promoting you from the rank of men with no rank with men with higher rank.

·                  From obscure to popularity.

·                  Miraculous movement for you in lower condition to higher condition.

·                  Glorious and positive change in your life that enhances your value.

·                  Waxing exceedingly great through the divine help.

·                  God making you more powerful.

·                  Head being lifted up above your enemies; realm of out of reach of your enemies – Psalm 26.

·                  Lifting from the dust to the throne.

·                  Making ordinary people great to sit with princess and honorable men.

Example of people who experienced Divine Lifting

1.               Abraham – Father of multitude and faith.

2.               Joseph – From prison o become Prime Minister.

3.               Esther – Housemaid became Queen.

4.               Mordecai – Promoted by king.

5.               David – No one knew the family of Jesse, his father never introduce David to the prophet, from shepherd boy to become the king.

6.               The Three Hebrew boys – Became prime ministers.

God wants you to be lifted, you can get the winning vote, tell God you are divinely dissatisfied with your present position.


1. Make Him your friend; operate a short account with God.

2. You must be holy, holiness within and without. It makes you magnetic and useful for God.

3. Be generous, practice sacrificial giving, go out of your way to be a blessing to others.

4. You must connect to your destiny, know it, pursue it, never give up, and be at the right place and at the right time. Many came into this world but they never arrive. Ask the Lord to connect you to your destiny. A righteous man in the wrong place is not different from a sinner in the right place; both of them cannot be blessed.

5. Honesty: Remove falsehood from your life, it keeps you far away from the lifters of your head or those that will bless you.

6. Deal with the scattering horns.

7. Divine lifting does not come by chance but by choice. Time for your divine elevation has come, make choice now!


1.               Horns of my father’s house, assigned against my lifting up – die in the name of Jesus.

2.               Every expectation of the enemy for my life – die in the name of Jesus.

3.               Every enemy of my new song you are a joker - die in the name of Jesus.

4.               My glory and the lifter of my head, Arise! Manifest your power in my life in the name of Jesus.

5.               My Father! Lift up my head in the name of Jesus.

6.               Thou power of negative carry over - die in the name of Jesus.

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