Wednesday 11 July 2018


🙏This is my Wednesday Prayer For You:
📍Against All Odds, you shall receive divine ENGRACEMENT to rise and rise;
📍Against all odds. God will empower your results to rise to the next level;
📍Against all odds, God will empower your efforts to yield results that it ordinarily shouldn’t yield;
📍Against all odds. God will empower your business, career, ministry gifts, vocation, etc to rise in a manner that will shock everyone around you;
📍Against all odds, God will divinely empower you to make giant strides,
🎚Uncommon lifts no man could make happen for you, God make it happen as He did for Joseph.
So Get set:
📣God will give you results that are not normal among people around you.
📣God will cause you to have results that people around you have never experienced before;
📣God will use the works of your hands to advertise His Name.
Get set:
📣The things that are impossible with mere efforts will become possible through divine engracement.
🏵This is my Wednesday Prayer For You In Jesus Name.
Say A Prophetic Amen In Agreement!
🤝@fadaokwuosa @arkofgreatness
#DAY10 Today, 70 Days Prayer Gathering, today....#NoExcuses#NoStopping!

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