Tuesday 26 June 2018

Essential Prayer Authority That Makes Biggest Difference!

Essential Prayer Authority That Makes Biggest Difference!

A manager will not be able to perform efficiently without proper authority. Authority is the genesis of organizational system. It is a vital accompaniment of the task of control. Without authority, a manager cannot get his policies accomplished via others. Authority is one of the founding stones of formal and informal businesses. It shows the right and strength of making selections, giving orders and commands to subordinates

Authority is more important than numbers for effective prayer. Here is another important principle.
We can only give God permission to act on earth
in situations where we have authority
Every Christian has different levels of authority in various spheres of activity. This affects their authority in prayer.

Christian parents have authority in their family, so they can give God permission to work in their family. Employers have authority over in their business, so they can give God authority to work there. Managers have authority over their staff, so they have can give God authority to work in their lives. A king has authority in his a kingdom, so he can give God permission to work in his kingdom. Elders have authority over people in their care, so they can give God authority to act in their lives.

When people ask us to pray for them, they are giving us authority in their lives. This gives us authority to speak to God on their behalf. Hannah had submitted to Eli, so he had authority to agree with her prayers. If she had not submitted to him, his agreement may not have meant anything.

Two or three people with earthly authority over a situation will be more effective than hundreds who have no authority. This is a reason why Christians should take up positions of authority that are offered to them. Being given authority in the world, gives a Christian wider and broader authority in prayer.

Much of the prayer for cities and nations is wasted, because the people praying do not have much authority over the political systems they are praying for. If the rulers of a city are not Christians, they are by default, continuously giving the forces of evil authority to act in their city or nation. Christians can bind these political-spirits and government-spirits and command them to leave the city, but they do not need to depart, if they have been invited to be there by leaders of the city, because the leaders have more authority in the city than the people praying.

Christians should be careful about submitting to political authorities, because when we submit to them, we re vulnerable to the political-spirits that control them. If we are standing to together in unity with other Christians, that may not be a problem, but if we are isolated from spiritual support, we might came under attack. 

Authority Creates Responsibility

Authority and responsibility go together. When God gave Adam and Eve authority over the created world, he also gave them responsibility to care for it. God gave them freedom to use their authority as they chose, but they would have to bear the consequences of their decisions. They would be accountable for everything that happened on earth. That was a serious responsibility.

Adam and Eve could hear God's voice, so his wisdom was available to assist them in exercising authority. His wisdom is perfect, so obeying the Holy Spirit was the best option. However, they could reject his advice, so their authority was not constrained. By imparting his authority to them and giving them freedom as well, God gave humans permission to reject his authority. However, if things went wrong, they would not be able to blame God, because their authority made them accountable.

God gave humans authority over the earth without recourse, so he could not take it back, even if they abused their authority. He could not demand his authority be returned, even if it were handed to the devil. One reason that Jesus had to come as a man was that authority on earth belongs to humans in perpetuity. Only a human could hold that authority, so if it was lost, only a human could take it back.

When Jesus went to the cross, he was doing what his Father had done before him. He was making himself helpless in the hand of men who had the power to harm him. That is what the father did when he gave dominion and authority over the earth that he created to humans. He made himself vulnerable to humans who had the freedom to rebel against him. He was committing himself to sustaining the creation, even if his creatures shut him out of it. He made them free to be atheists, while living the life that he created. This was cross behaviour. The Father made him powerless before with the people he had created.

Humans gained responsibility for everything that would happen on earth, but they lost the right to blame God for evil that occurs as the consequence of their decisions.

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