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When some people get a new apartment or house, they simply pack into the place without any form of spiritual discernment. The get blinded by the joy and euphoria of a new house/property, and forget that there are certain things needed to be done to maintain that joy, clear the air spiritually and take dominion. Some people are suffering today because of where they are living, they are not in charge, someone else or a spirit is controlling the events happening in the home. 
They may claim to be born-again and highly anointed but this ignorance could have cost them a fortune. The people of the dark kingdom do not pack into a property and keep quiet; they do some certain divination to cage everyone in that area. But the people of the kingdom lacked knowledge and they suffer for it.
Therefore, this prayer could be done for either a new or old property. Just pray!

I would suggest that a person would speak out this prayer inside of the home and in a room they feel is most appropriate (living room, family room, etc). After reading this prayer out I would suggest that they would then go around and using anointing oil to bless each room of their home.

What I would suggest using is Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed Olive Oil (cold pressed is purer) which can be purchased at your local store.
If you have never used anointing oil before I would encourage you to. When we are praying for the Lord’s blessing and protection on our life, or our children, when blessing a home, praying for a healing or deliverance it is good to use anointing oil (see Matthew 6:17, Mark 6:13, Hebrews 1:9, James 5:14).

Bless the oil: Upon bringing the oil home it needs to be blessed. I know some people believe that an ordained minister of the Lord needs to bless oil to be used for anointing, but in the same way that we have Christ’s authority to bless our homes and other people we have the right authority to bless anointing oil. If you prefer a minister, pastor, or anointed Christian friend to bless the oil for you that is not a problem, but God does want each one of us to realize our potential in Christ and to walk in it. To bless the oil to be used for anointing oil is to proclaim it to be so. Holding the bottle you just ask God to bless the oil by His Spirit in that in everything you would bless with this oil would be spiritually sanctified by God’s empowerment.
· You can place the oil on your prayer mantle,
· Declare Psalms 24 and 92 over the oil (3 times each is OK).
· Ask the Lord to sanctify it through His Spirit and purge it by the blood of the Lamb.
· Ask the Lord to make it a token of the Lord for anointing the home and other things.

Because oil can stain, I suggest you use the oil on a wood surface rather than a painted surface, or in inconspicuous places such as on the door, or doorjam as you enter a room, on a window seal, a closet door, or where you deem would be a good spot. Going into each room of your home, speak a blessing over the room then find about two places (or however many you feel led) to bless with oil. I would suggest anointing the door, or doorjam as you enter the room and the window seal if the room has a window. To anoint a spot with oil simply dip your thumb into the bottle of oil and with your thumb make the sign of the cross (about two inches by two inches) where you have chosen to anoint (door, door jam, window, window sill, baseboard, closet door, etc.). By revelation knowledge, demons enter people’s homes through the junction of two wall (where two walls meet); that point is an access into the spirit realm (some witches have also confessed to this). So, if possible, also anoint the junctions of walls wherever they are located inside the home.

You can start by declaring these covenant words in an audible voice as a general prayer over the whole house, it is better if you can stand at the centre of the house to pass the decrees:
Read aloud: Exodus 34:10, Deuteronomy 30:5 and Jeremiah 31:33 (7 times each – for perfection).

Then, speak these words over the house:
“Today, I declare this house an angelic gateway for ministering spirits sent by Jehovah God to minister to the saints in this house. As long as this house remains, under the sun and the moon, angelic access into this house shall remain secure and absolutely unhindered, and the blessings meant for this house shall never be diverted, manipulated or delayed in Jesus Name.
Lift up your heads, O ye gates; even lift them up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in; for they also that dwell in the uttermost parts are afraid at thy tokens O Lord. By virtue of this anointing, let the angels of God enter with their besom of destruction and sweep away all the spirits of sexual pervasion, witchcraft, wizardry, occultism, necromancy, diviners, false religion, idolatry, atheism, death, destruction and all the armies of hell in this house and in this area; let all their operations, spells and influences over this house be permanently destroyed in Jesus Name.
Let them be as chaff before the wind: and let the angel of the Lord chase them. Let their way be dark and slippery: and let the angel of the Lord persecute them. By virtue of this anointing today, let all the forces of darkness in this house be confounded and put to shame; let all their human agents on assignment against this house be turned back and brought to total confusion; let destruction come upon them unawares; and let them fall into the traps they have hid for the members of this household in Jesus name I pray.
Oh Lord God, from today, let the pillar of fire of holiness, righteousness and purity continue to burn in this house, and let the saints of God in this house begin to enjoy the glory, the power and the presence of Jehovah Shalom in this place, in Jesus name. It is written, no evil shall befall us neither shall any plague come near our dwellings, therefore this house is immune from all forms of spiritual infiltrations, demonic attacks, spells and enchantments. But goodness and mercy shall follow us and dwell with us in this house all the days of our lives in Jesus name.
Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy paths; for the word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword. As I have decreed, so shall it be: In the name of God the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

You can then drip some quantity of the oil on the floor of the house, for the anointing.
Afterwards, you can move around and anoint the various parts of the house, and say such things as:
“Lord in the name of Jesus Christ I bless this door (door jam, window sill, baseboard, etc). May Your Holy Spirit flow through and fill this room with Your Spirit. In the name of Jesus Christ, Father bless, sanctify and purge this room of anything that is of a wrong spirit. In the name of Jesus Christ I ask for Your peace and joy to inhabit this room.” Or whatever you feel led to speak out.

And as you go from room to room, down a hallway, up the stairs etc. keep speaking blessings on your home. 
Such things as: “Father fill this home with Your Holy Spirit”.
“May Your Holy Spirit flow through and fill this home up with Your Spirit.”
“May Your Warrior angels take a stance against darkness in this home and may they make a hedge of projection around this home.” “Every article in this home including the building material is yours.” Or whatever you feel led to speak.

In the same way as inside of the home, go outside with the anointing oil and bless the main landmarks within the boundary lines of your property. In a situation where a person lives in a condominium, or an apartment where there isn’t any property then this is something you don’t have to do, but even if you are given access to a small sitting area outside of the apartment, condominium etc., go ahead and bless these also. Don’t give any chances.

Also if a person has a huge property I would advise that you walk the parameters of the main yard that you maintain around your home, but as you pray over that area you can speak out and dedicate everything within the boundary lines of your property from corner post to corner post unto the Lord. (At another time if you happen to be going out to work on an area of your property, or out to walk your property you could make it a point to take some anointing oil with you and bless an area of your property as you go.)
Going outside with your anointing oil walk the parameter (the boundary lines) of your property (front and back yard) and bless some of the landmarks in that path as you go such as a fence post, tree, the garage, a boundary stake, telephone pole, garden shed etc.

After walking the property lines around your property you can then focus some time blessing and anointing some of the objects/landmarks that are more in the center of your property, (front and back yard). You don’t have to bless every object on your property line, or within the parameter of your property as long as you are satisfied you have blessed and anointed the main landmarks, corner posts, buildings, trees etc. on your property.
Also in the same way as you would speak out your blessings when anointing the inside of the home with oil speak out your blessings as you are walking around your yard/ property and when you are anointing an object.

You can say such things as:
“Father in Jesus Christ’s name I ask that You would sanctify everything within the parameters of my (our) property in that everything is made holy”.
“Father I dedicate this property unto You and I ask that Your Holy Spirit would continually flow over and perpetually bless this property.”
“In the name of Jesus Christ I ask that Your Warrior Angels would guard over this property and purge it of every form of evil that tries to come onto this property.”
“Father I bless this tree (shed, garage, fence post, etc.) in the name of Jesus Christ.”
“I offer everything on this property up to You and put them into Your hands.”
“I claim every blade of grass on this property, every tree, every building etc. for the Kingdom of God. Everything here is Yours to govern over.”
“I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over every single part of this property.” Or whatever you feel led to speak.

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