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”And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying: The same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying, These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation. And this did she many days. But Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out the same hour.” - Acts 16:16-18,

An online dictionary explains monitoring as to observe and check the progress or quality of (something) over a period of time; keep under systematic review. While the Bible explains the story of a slave girl who was possessed by the spirit of divination claiming to discover hidden things. An ordinary person will define this subject as a person or forces of darkness monitoring you. In the above verse, the evil spirit was using her to gather information for someone else. 

This same thing still happens today. In our society, it is easy to see people gathering information about you. They perform this act in order to work against you. There are good monitoring and there are bad (evil) monitoring. the good monitoring comprises of a mother’s love to children. When a mother gave birth to children, she will try as much as possible to train them up and monitor their behavior, attitude, performance, growth etc. 

That’s a good monitoring! If you don’t train yourself spiritually, you wouldn’t know who has evil or bad mind against you. The eye is one of part of the body that we use to see and at the same time use to monitor things. Obviously, without the eyes, there is no way a person can build a house let alone of achieving destiny. It is clear  that a person without eyes can not lead a person, group, or an organisation except by God’s intervention.

The situation of the children of Israel at the time of Gideon, when the Midianites and the Amalekites oppressed Israel, is an example of monitoring spirit. Judges 6 & 7. Similarly, in Revelation 13:17-19, Those that does not belong to the demonic side were prevented from living their normal lives, i.e. Not allowed to buy or to sell. Elymas, the sorcerer prevented Paul and Silas, until Paul blindfolded him. Act (13:6-12). Joseph was sold into slavery; his life was under severe manipulation for 13 years Genesis 37-45. Also, David after killing Goliath was entitled to some privileges, but instead he was actually driven into exile to become a fugitive. All these were situations of monitoring spirits.

Take these prayers

  •  Every monitoring power working against God’s promises for my life, roast by fire, in the name of Jesus. 
  • Any evil power monitoring my progress, go blind in the name of Jesus. You follow-follow spirit depart from me in the name of Jesus 
  • Any wicked power monitoring me in order to destroy my destiny, you are a liar, die in the Name of Jesus. 
  • Blood of Jesus, cancel every initiation of monitoring spirits against my destiny, in the name of Jesus. 
  • Every fetish power against my destiny, catch fire, in the name of Jesus. You evil monitoring seed planted into my life, die in the Name of Jesus 
  • Every power monitoring my life for evil, die by fire, in Jesus name. 
  • Evil mirror monitoring my life, scatter by FIRE! In the name of JESUS! Thou monitoring spirit in me, you shall control me no more, in Jesus name. 
  • O God, blind the eyes of my enemies against my success, in the name of Jesus. I deliver my soul from every bewitchment of familiar spirit, in the name of Jesus. 
  • Powers from my village transforming into birds to attack me, scatter by fire in the name of Jesus Monitoring agents, become blind, deaf and dump, in Jesus name. 
  • From henceforth, whether the enemy likes it or not, my life must make a meaning,  in the name of Jesus. Voice of the Almighty God scatter every evil gathering seeking my downfall in the name of Jesus.  My glory become hidden to my enemies, in the name of Jesus. 
  • Any evil man or woman sitting on my head, be unseated by fire in the name of Jesus Household powers assigned to punish me because of my glory, expire by fire, in the name of Jesus. 
  • Powers that says, it shall not be well with me, die in the name of Jesus. 
  • Envious witchcraft making incantation at midnight to cage my glory, advancement,  you my angel go and kill them in Jesus name. 
  • My hidden enemies, be silenced by the angel of God in Jesus name.
  •  Every stubborn monitoring demon assigned to glue himself to my glory, catch fire, in Jesus name. 
  • Whatever the enemy is using to monitor me in the kingdom of darkness, I set it ablaze by the fire of the Holy Ghost, in Jesus name. 
  • Evil mirror, evil eyes monitoring my life, receive total blindness in Jesus name. 
  • Idols in my foundation, that have vowed to make sure I remain like this, you my angel go and destroy them in Jesus name. 
  • Satanic database containing my name, you my angel go and crash it, in Jesus name. 
  • Destiny killers, my life is not your candidate, leave me and die, in Jesus name. 
  • Every power assigned to divert my blessing, fail woefully, in Jesus name. 
  • Thou dark mirror assigned to monitor me from the pit of darkness, break, in Jesus name. I shall not crawl where others are walking, in Jesus name.
  •  Every remote control used in controlling my life, in Jesus name. 
  • Every garment of darkness attracting early attacks into my life, catch fire, in Jesus name 
  • Every dead spirit monitoring me for emptiness, receive fire, in Jesus name.

A lot of people are monitored everywhere they go. Some animals also monitors people like a stubborn personality. Evil monitoring is a big business for many people. The monitoring powers are only interested in your failure and break down at the edge of breakthrough. 

The enemy can only monitor you when you have the potential of becoming great or in most cases, when you are already captured. A person may have the strong feeling of being monitored by evil spirits. Sometimes, you can never know their origin or source but as a sensitive  Christian, you will know through prayers of inquiry.   Do you know that God can also monitor  his children? The spirit of God is a good monitoring (Psalm 121:5)! 

In the course of this teaching, you should be able to know how a person can be monitored. By the grace of God, I would explain the practical ways between the divine and satanic monitoring spirits. Monitoring Spirit is a weapon of witchcraft attack that manipulates its victim. Problems started when a person or a certain forces of darkness is monitoring you. 

Anytime a person makes a move not a wide move, there will be great hinderance. That’s why we have many great destinies crawling when they should be making good advancement and wonderful prosperity. The best example is of the armed robbery. I want to ask you a question: Can an armed robber attack a home without obtaining necessary information about the person or house? Without any controversy, a good monitoring is a way of correcting a person.

There are many instances of people or animals the devil can use to monitor you. 
These includes

Human beings: 
Your parents, your friends, your relatives, your co-workers, your landlord, your cousins, your wife, your husband etc.

Animal such as: 
Birds, lizards, wall gaekko, rat, vulture, flies, snakes, cockroach, etc 
Dream such as: 
Sexual dream, eating in the dream, being pursued in the dream, talking to a dead person, climbing a mountain without getting there, dogs attack, snake dream, seeing yourself in your formal house and school, Being in a wedding without the bride, counting dirty money in the dream, dream of cobweb, seeing nakedness. 

For example, if a man of God told you that your partner has been monitoring you for evil, thereby siphoning and caging your benefits in the satanic coven. I am very sure that you will be surprised at the shocking revelation. If you are not careful enough, you can almost insult the pastor behind him.

Of course. the ignorance ones who are not grounded spiritually would easily reject the vision by saying this: ”My wife or husband cant monitor me. She is a good Christian. She is also a hardworking woman. In fact she is a prayer warrior.  She does not have the time for all that. How sad! The Bible says, ignorance is a disease that kills faster than a kidney problem.

Monitoring Spirit And The Feelings 
The world that we live in has become an habitation of the wicked (Nahum 3:1). It is a world full of surprises and strange stories. If you do not believe it, just go to a marketplace and you will make your own personal findings about people’s attitude. 
No where some people go, they would surely be hated and have the feeling of being observed, watched or monitored somewhere by the wicked personality. It is either they develop goose pimples on their body as parts of the signs and while others may not. When you don’t have a glorious destiny, the enemy would not waste his precious time monitoring you. Did King Herod not monitor Jesus?

Monitoring spirit can sparked out of jealousy, envy and hatred for a person. It can generate from your local environment and in the place of your career. One can also be monitored from the evil mirror, evil pot, waters, footprint, and from the waters.

All those who have incision programmed on their body or involved in some rituals of a cult or made some vows or commitment to a spiritual house can be monitored. People are under evil monitoring are known as a scapegoat in the witchcraft world.

These are people that can no longer fulfill their real purpose on earth again. They often experience failure, stagnation, hatred, promise and fail, ill-luck, spirit of dishonour and frustration, debt, sickness etc. The evil spirit can be used as a weapon of delay for marriages, child bearing, promotion at work and so on.

What a funny world! A pastor who is also suffering from evil monitoring spirit in his father’s house or mother’s house, all of a sudden he would see a vision for his member that they are being monitored by so so person and thereby collecting ignorance seed from them. It’s so laughable!

When he cannot deliver himself. How possible can he deliver others. Life has become war for some people. War is now becoming an unfinished battles for many. Some people have become a sweet prey to the devil.

I’ve been receiving some positive commendation from good followers of this ministry. The commendation came in separate content for revealing some deep mysteries and exposing the meaning of dreams. As a young man who’s still coming up and even learning spiritual things the hard way. Within a short time, God has used me to expose the kingdom of darkness with God’s word (Light). 

Without anything, if God should open your eyes to see the number of people that are under evil monitoring demons, or possibly the people that are following and monitoring you, don’t be surprised, you will shout aloud and wont be able to close your mouth again. Because what you will see shall marvel you.

Evil Monitoring Using Non-Living Things The enemy can use casket to monitor a person spiritually. The enemy can use your cloth to monitor you. The enemy can use your own shadow to monitor you. It is possible for the devil to use your house to monitor you. The enemy can use your trained domestic animal to monitor you. 
They can use the stars, moon or sun. Oh my God, the enemy can use your baby toy to achieve their purpose. For example. If you live in a demonic house whose foundation is bad and wicked, there would be perverse evil monitoring of tenants in that house. They can also use the wall of your house to monitor you. They can also monitor you from your bed. There are some monitoring demons that monitor a person every night. Whenever they sleep or take a short nap that’s when they have a feeling of a strange woman watching them. Other couples are watched during sexual intercourse. 

Remember one of their aims is to make life miserable for you. Animal such as bird, dog and snake can monitor people well, particularly the most common one is bird. Because it has wings to fly from a distance. This is a serious problem.

Some people keep running from pillar to post seeking for deliverance. One clear example about monitoring spirit are enemy of progress. If you have enemy of progress, then it should have people who is planning to pull you down and bring you down to zero background. If possible, they can collide with or hire some people to come and rob you at night. To steal your money and other properties.

When a person hates you for example, it is possible for such a person to work against you and any person that has the confidence to destroy you can be termed a wicked agent.

True Life Story One day, 
A landlord was asking one of his tenants some sensitive questions about his plans for next year. Although, the tenant was a baby Christian. He never  had the broad knowledge about the wicked plans of his landlord, to obtain information from him. As a person, if you are unwise enough to relay such an information about your plans to a person who never contributed to your life, then you are finished.

Evil Monitoring And Street 
A person can secure a job in an organisation and immediately she will start to attract enemies. What a wicked world! If you live in a local community (A place for highly professional monitors), for instance, in Nigeria, we usually call it ”Face me and slap you” (a congested public house building). In such a community, everywhere you go, be rest assured that somebody from no where is monitoring you. Sometimes you ask yourself what are they watching in your body? It’s your glory. A local place with domestic witchcraft in practice.

African and their Evil Monitoring
One person was sharing with me about the proliferation of wickedness in Africa. He told me that the people of Africa are too demonic and dangerous. That is, they do not want people’s progress. He went further to say, what you are trying to achieve in one country in Africa for many years, you can achieve them in the United States within a few times. From my faculty, I discovered that he was making a good sense and has stated his fact with a proven point. Well, I laugh a little with his points.

I told him evil monitoring is everywhere. In America, they are there spiritually. It’s just a simple projection and that’s all. Evil spirit is like a blood that can follow a person even to different countries. Even though if you travel to the UNITED STATES from Africa, it is possible that the evil spirit you contacted in your local country can follow you. To shock you a little. Have you ever seen a rat hiding itself in a bag and when this woman got to UK, she saw the rat and in the process of killing the rat, the animal escaped into hiding. That rat can change to a spirit. 
The church has to drop controversial issues on the internet and face their real calling. People are lavishing in satanic bondage and you are talking of money. People finds it hard to be delivered and you are deceiving them with fake prophecies. People are daily monitored like a lizard and you say it doesn’t matter but for them to sow a seed. Hmm! Until there is a mass deliverance from monitoring spirit, people would keep wasting their times staying in a polluted church.

Pay careful attention to the people that are in your life. Are they asking too many questions about your future plans and the progress that you are making? Be careful not to reveal too much. And if you notice that every time you tell a particular person about your progress and all the great things that God is doing in your life, the very thing falls apart they may have a familiar spirit attached to them.

Most people don’t even know they are carrying this spirit so it is your job to pay attention to who you are sharing information with. If you say it to them and then everything falls apart, every time you tell them something, that is a clear sign they have a spirit attached to them that does not want you to succeed. It could be a familiar spirit, monitoring spirit or just the spirit of jealousy.

Scriptures used for this prayer: Isaiah 54:15, Psalm 17:8, Isaiah 4:5, Job 1:10, Psalm 119:98, Matthew 15:13, Exodus 12:7,13, Psalm 23:6   
1. When you are having a feeling of a stranger in your house. 
2. When something often falls down from your hands carelessly. 
3. When you see things changing it’s position in your house even when no one is living with you. 
4. When your neighbour is listening to your phoney conversation. 
5. When your neighbours can conveniently tell your friends the types of clothes you normally wear every week. And they will guess right.
6. When people hate you in the family.
7. When your mother is calling you a witch. 
8. When your mother regret ever given birth to you. 
9. When there is an unexpected holes in your shoes. 
10. When a person does not know how he spend his money. 
11. When a person often see strange spirit sucking her breast. 
12. When a person gets to an ATM machine on Friday, and planning to withdraw some certain amount of money to pay up his debt, only to discover that the machine swallowed his card 
13. When a person always see a particular bird or creature following him. 
14. When a person goes out by mistake with a different shoes on his legs. When you are older than your age. 
15. When an animal mistakenly enter your room and steal something. 
16. When you are sweating profusely during job interview. 
17. When your woman loves you because of money. 
18. When you discover that you cannot even answer a simple question from the interviewer. 
19. When you are in one spot for many years despite your exposure and connection 
20. When you are always spending your money on sickness. 
21. When your drugs can no longer cure your sickness. 
22. When you did not have plans in life. 
23. When you are having a feeling that there is an invisible and unclean power inside you. 
24. When your condition does not even show like a person who is looking for a job. 
25. When your body is too heavy. That’s evil load. 
26. When people do not appreciate or accept your own opinion. 
27. That’s very bad. You know..! 
28. When all your siblings are married, successful, but only you is left behind. 
29. When you are wandering around moving from street to street, road to roads, community to community. That is, walking aimlessly. 
30. When you are going to a particular place but your friends diverted or discouraged you. 
31. When you go to the university, only to come back and be working as a slave. 
32. When God asked you to do something but you say No  it is the devil’s voice. When you cannot even explain what’s wrong with your life. 
33. When you fall from grace to grass (a high degree of poverty/begging) 
34. When they promise to help you, but on that very day, they failed. (It’s not their fault but yours) When you marry the wrong man or woman 
35. When you park in to a new house only to discover that landlord is living there. (That’s the work of a wicked caretaker or agent lying that landlord is not living there) When people celebrate your weaknesses, ignorance and accept your foolishness. 
36. When your husband or in-laws are against you and marriage. 
37. When you are begging for survival as a firstborn. 
38. When you are the only successful and prosperous person in your family history or lineage. 
39. When you see blood on the surface of your wall. 
40. When you feel like jumping into the river, lagoon. (This normally happened in Lagos, Nigeria, where you hear stories of people jumping into the sea) 
41. When you are harbouring suicidal thoughts. 
42. When rat jumped into your bed. 
43. When you see cockroach, ants moving around your body persistently. 
44. When you feel like moving, but you sit down comfortably. 
45. When people can easily predict your next statement or your future.
46. When you notice a disturbing marks on your body.

Source: Evangelist Joshua Orekhie

  1. Hello, I’m going through this. Do I constantly pray at night or during the day ?

    1. I'm going through this now I know this is not normal it seems my life is binded up heavy its annoying

  2. Hello, I’m going through this. Do I constantly pray at night or during the day ?

  3. These are very things my three sons and I are going through these two pastors have pictures of my children 3 sons and me in a glass jar with moths brown Penny, a blanket over my heart and cobwebs constantly speaking curses, death etc over us, and constantly going to witch doctors. And sending spiders in my apartment first it was my sons apartment now I moved they have to moved got evicted, I'm experiencing spiders in new place etc..monitoring spirits and dreams of dead people and love ones, back into the house I grew up in, backwards, familiar spirits, people having sex, eating in dreams, animals, dogs, cats, people i grew up with, people i don't know, I mean everything, this is happening to my 3 sons and me every since 2004 January and these two pastors and witch doctors are trying to kill us..(my 3 sons and me)..even people talking to us in dreams and I sometimes here people voices called my name and or gossiping about me, I'm am so tired of this and they have incantations..once this apostle said that the witchcraft is broken off of me..than why is this still going on..I just want this to leave my children and me completely alone...I'm 52 and I' want to do what God has called me to do and I want the same thing for my 3 sons..

  4. I have one of these monitoring spirits always following me around what should i do?

  5. I think this explains why every time I try to contribute something in class I always have objections from people in class pray for me

  6. Thank you very much for your prayers man of God. I learned about evil monitoring after I became born again and working in my calling. At first, I thought it was just stalking and didn't really know how to deal with it. I have severe opposition on a daily basis from satanic groups including my neighbors. I could hear a bird alerting where ever I go and I would be shortly be met by either neighbors and strangers at junctions. However, the evil networks are all over. It is sad to say but many people in America do this to earn a living as agents of darkness to stop the call of God in a Christian's life. Most are members of fraternities and New Age etc. They can be walking on foot, like walking dogs or driving in cars intimidating or on Motorbikes or Bikes. The Lord began to reveal to me that its the same ancient witchcraft and even the gadgets are not new. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God to the pulling down of stronghold. We as Christians have to engage in strategic warfare, involving fasting and repentance prayers to purge our foundations and environment. As long as you are a Christian, Satan will fight you using humans and demons to stop you from your destiny. Believe me, these evil monitors don't operate only in the physical, they rely on spell, hexes and the demons helping them, in addition, they burry things by your house, spraying your cars and your doors, in other words to have a point of contact. The Lord has revealed what they are doing and I can tell you testimonies after testimonies resulting from closing doors. If your call is prophetic, you will always encounter backlash. Do not be afraid, that is a sign of the damage you do to their altars and demonic systems. I love to see a reaction because it shows the rage, anxiety and uneasiness. Our God is a Mighty God and He can protect us. These demonic networks want to subdue to slavery, kill, steal and destroy. As in Pharaoh, God wiped him out with his chariots.
    Praise the Lord. May god Bless you saints!!!

  7. Pastor pray with me, this is exactly what I am going through in life. I am the only child born to my mum, I was told my grandmother buried my mother's placenta when I was born and since then my life and mother have never been stable. I see dreams about snakes, being press down while sleeping, always being in my former school. I believe God I have a great and gracious destiny, it's not by power nor by might but spirit of the Lord of Host that we are set free.
    Just pray with me

  8. Thank you man of God for your prayer it help me a lot God bless you with your ministry's and family's

  9. Great work.Monitoring spirits are real but I must say that victims of these demons should handle their stress with care.Take good care of your mental health and be hopeful.It will eventually pass for our God is all-knowing and all-powerful God.

  10. Pastor please pray for me. There are evil monitoring spirits sent to me in the form of flies around me. They have made me take wrong decisions in life, robbed me of mental peace, delayed my marriage etc. I am praying but I need assistance as I get very frustrated. These enemies are plotting revenge due to hatred, lust and envy, my ex colleague. Please tell me what should I do. Thanks

  11. This is the best explanation I've ever encountered regarding monitoring spirits. Very profound teaching God bless you

  12. Besides prayer and fasting, what are other practical herbs we can apply in our bodies or house to fight this monitoring sprits. Anything that this sprits are afraid of. For me they are using my shadow. How can one also kill a witch.

    1. hello please what do you do when you keep seeing yourself as a student in your former schools as I have completed university?

  13. I only heard them in th walls, and they walk among us. There not that good. Tried to steal my phone and has GPS so I know where there are if I want to go there.they still watching! Probably trying to get some gossip or blackmail me or something. Maybe I should spray some lead. Off the coordinates I got and on Google maps exactly know where that they are. They're looking at this just leave me alone I leave you alone you leave me alone simple you're not welcome on this property.

  14. i live in England in 2023, i have a monotoring soul above my head. this is a real, living person who can move his soul. he enters my brain to allow him to see what i see and hear what i am thinking. he is affraid of the words, Lord God Almighty, Jesus Christ and Archangel Michael. if you repeat in your head or aloud,
    'Death to the Soul that enters My Brain',
    he will stop guaranteed.


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