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The foundation of our lives is very important.  It is our source; our beginning, and the vehicle that brought us to this world.  Our foundation is a deep mystery.
There are different battles in people’s foundation.  In some families, it is sickness, untimely death, marital turbulence, and hardship in all areas.  In some other families they usually start well in life and end badly, death during childbirth, stillbirth, delay in childbirth, miscarriages, etc.

Bible Reading: Ps. 90:1-2, PS. 51, Gen. 21:1-7, Gen.24:14-18, Gen. 25:19-34, I Chronicles 4:8-10
This makes me remember the story of a lady.  The first time I met her she was crying profusely.  I asked her why she was crying and she said she was 6 weeks pregnant and the pregnancy was the problem of her life.  I asked her if she was married and she said she was happily married and she had a four months old baby she was nursing.  She wanted to terminate the pregnancy and terminate her life but her husband disagreed with her.  I told her she did not have to terminate her pregnancy or her life, that I had seen people conceived 41 days after delivery of their babies.  She further told me that after the delivery of her first child she was told that she went insane.  She was shown the video of how she was naked and was trying to injure herself and the baby.  After she recovered from the sickness and got back home, the first sexual intercourse with her husband resulted into another pregnancy.

I told her the Lord will give her victory and she needed to go to her parents and make enquiry about what happened.  She replied that her parents were late and she was their only child.  I told her to look for someone in her family she could make inquiries from concerning her plight.

The next time she came back to me, she came crying.  She explained that when she got to her family compound in her village, she met an old woman and introduced herself.  She explained what brought her to the village.  The old woman told her that what happened to her was not a new thing that it had been in their family for many years.  The old woman explained to her that her great-grand mother had the problem when she delivered her grand mom.  Her grand mom committed suicide when she couldn’t bear the shame of the insanity after delivering her mum.  Also her own mother was knocked down by a car when her insanity started as she ran out of the house.  The old woman further explained to her that insanity is a family problem after baby delivery in their family.

I told her to have faith in God, by coming for prayers and going for deliverance until she was healed.  To the glory of God, when she came back after delivering the baby, she said the doctors at the hospital had prepared to chain her down due to her first experience.  But to the glory of God, she delivered safely and no episode of madness.

You too can cry unto God and he will reveal the secret of your inherited foundational battle to you and also give you victory in Jesus name.

1. I thank you God for your intervention over the affairs of my life.
2. O Lord, have mercy on me and let me find favour in your sight.
3. O Lord, I ask for your presence and open heavens in my life.
4. By the power of the most high God, let every secret about the battles of my life be revealed.
5. O Lord, use the power of your word to pass through my foundation.
6. You the inherited foundational battle that has troubled my family and now targeting my life, die.
7. Every inherited foundational battle that is causing stubborn problem in my life, die by fire.
8. Inherited foundational problem that troubled my life before marriage and is still troubling my life and marriage, die by fire.
9. Every inherited foundational problem causing stillbirth in my lineage, die
10. Every bloodshed for sacrifice done by my ancestors even before I was born that brought curse of delay in childbearing in my life, die.
11. You inherited foundational battle, hear the word of the Lord, leave me and my children alone and die.
12. Every parental mistake in my foundation causing tragedy in my life and marriage, die.
13. Every blood of the innocent shed by my ancestors and has planted battles in my foundation, die.
14. Curses that found their way into the foundation of my life as a result of the sins of my forefathers die.
15. Every power behind slavery spirit and untimely death in my lineage, come out of my life and die.
16. Every foundational witchcraft against my marriage and fruitfulness, die.
17. Witchcraft in my foundation, delaying the promise of God for my marriage, die by fire.
18. I uproot by fire every tree of inherited sorrow that is growing in my foundation.
19. Every polygamous spirit in my foundation be uprooted by fire.
20. Every sickness that has wasted money and lives in my family lineage and is now targeting my life, die.
21. Foundational inherited problem, that makes people lose good opportunities, die.
22. Whatever needs to come out of my foundation for me to have victory, be uprooted by fire.
23. O hand of God, arise and drive out of my life every dark visitor inviting battles into my life.
24. Every strange spirit troubling my blood thereby causing hypertension, die.
25. You the snake worshipped in my family that appears in my dreams, die by fire.
26. Every strange spirit and sickness that has occupied the place of babies in my body, catch fire.
27. You snake that appears in my dream whenever I am pregnant thereby causing miscarriage, die.
28. Every inherited spirit husband troubling marriages and causing delay in childbirth, be roasted by fire.
29. Inherited foundational battle of having only one child in life and that prevents the birth of another child, die.
30. Stubborn foundational battle that prevented my parents from enjoying their lives and marriage and now targeting my life, you are a liar, die.
31. Ancient demon residing in me, you are not my father and husband, get out of me and die.
32. Problems that entered into my life as a result of careless handling of my placenta by my parents, die.
33. Every problem I acquired as a result of idol worshipping, come out and die.
34. Any evil priest worshipping on any evil altar firing arrows into my life and destiny, die.
35. Inherited foundational poverty, hardship, bad luck, failure, rejection, delay in conception, die for ever.
36. By the power of the Rock of Ages, I trample upon foundational battles in Jesus name.
37. By the power of Resurrection, I am the next person to conceive and carry my baby.
38. As from today, I am free from inherited foundational battle, I have victory in Jesus name
39. I embrace new season into my life by the power in the name of Jesus.
40. I thank you Lord because as from today you are my foundation.
41. Lord, I thank you because I shall sing my song and dance my dance to praise your holy name.



1. You always miss the timing of good things, either by omission or commission?

2. You are promised help or favour by people, but before they can help you, bad things happen to them making them unable to fulfil their promises to you.

3. On the day you are invited to receive a favour or help, things beyond your control or things you don’t understand mysteriously or forcibly keeps you from going to the place of help or blessing.

4. In the midst of many people, you are always singled out for rebuke, reprimand, query, suspension, retrenchment or victimization for no just cause.

5. You are always punished for other people’s crimes and offences.

6. People somehow find it difficult to help you. They’ll rather give their help to someone else who is less deserving.

7. You or others make great efforts to make something or an occasion very successful only for you to make a little silly mistake that ruins the whole thing.

8. You always have last minute disappointments.

9. Despite your gifts, talents and potentials, men find it easy to forget, ignore or bypass you; or even use and dump you.

10. Your progress is not commensurate with your efforts (your input always exceeds the output, no matter what you do).

11. In the midst of many people, you are the one disaster strikes all the time.

12. You are always visited with regular and repeated tragedies or near death situations.

13. You repeatedly loose opportunities for political, business, financial or educational rising?

14. You labour and when it is time to reap, something somehow will push you out of place and you start again. And you keep starting things and never finishing.

15. With all you good character, sweet, loving and caring nature, your relationships or marriage is in shambles. Breakups and heartbreak pains all the time. Everything you do, it is seen and looked upon with serious fault...!

16. You do good, but you are paid back seriously with evil, and your life is full of deep hatred from people.

16. Any other repeatedly unpleasant experience that you feel no one will understand.


There can be shallow deliverance, partial deliverance, unfinished deliverance; but people of destiny NEEDS DEEP PROPHETIC DELIVERANCE TO THE ROOT OF THE MATTERS OF THEIR LIVES

Many Persistently Wrong Things That Happens In People’s Lives Are Answerable To An Understanding of DEEP PROPHETIC DELIVERANCE . Not just going to a deliverance and falling down and getting up…No! Or someone prophesying to you...NO! Deep Prophetic Deliverance Deals With Issues With A Root-of-The-Matter Approach and Ministration, That Whatever Be The Case, The Secrets of The Enemy Is Exposed and Your Total Life and Destiny, Marriage, Finance, Star, Talent, Business, Family or Ministry Is Reset For Maximum Fulfillment. IN ALL, GOD IS GLORIFIED THROUGH JESUS CHRIST. JESUS CHRIST HAS NEVER STOP BEING THE ANSWER.
Anything offered to you beyond what Jesus Christ Has Done and Is Still Doing Is A Greater Bondage.

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