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Possessing The Gates of The Month of May

Possessing The Gates of The Month of May

In the spirit realm, whoever possesses the gate controls the territory.

May is the fifth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendar and consists of 31 days. It is commonly associated as a month of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn (fall) in the Southern hemisphere. It is said that this is the month when plants really start to grow.

2nd Samuel 19:8 – Then the king arose, and sat in the gate. And they told unto all the people, saying, Behold, the king doth sit in the gate. And all the people came before the king: for Israel had fled every man to his tent.

A deity manifests more power and control in a place if the altars and gates there are raised to that deity. 

Godly altars would bring down God’s power and control to a place while satanic altars would attract Satan’s power and control to a place.

Moreover, the greater the sacrifice performed on their evil altars, the more power is drawn from the realm of darkness to cause the territory to be full of darkness. If God had not intervened in the case of Balaam and Israel, Balaam would have cursed the people of God by means of the evil altars and sacrifices he offered upon them (see Numbers 23). 

The people in the occult believe that a human sacrifice will draw more power than an animal sacrifice, and so we see daily evidence of ritual killings and human blood sacrifices. Remember the power from the satanic altar in 2nd Kings 3:1-27.

Spiritual gates are places of power and control.

The story of Jacob’s encounter with God in Genesis 28 illustrates how spiritual gates are established (see Gen. 28: 12-17). The godly altars opened a gate of entry and control for God in that place. The angels of God were freely ascending and descending in that place. One of the satanic devices is to encourage people to raise altars to him through idolatry, occultism, religious perversion and traditions of the land.

These satanic altars provide for Satan a gate of entry, control and manifestations of his power in the lives of people and in the environment. This is why people, even believers, have dreams of masquerades, bulls, snakes etc. pursuing them. Others have sex, swim, eat or see dead people in their dreams. These experiences are indicative of satanic influences over territories, and/or demonic infiltration into people’s lives. This is made possible by the existence of satanic gates or gates of hell, providing points of entry.

Satanic gates can become a stumbling block to a person’s spiritual growth and progress in different areas of life, just as how physical gates impede progress. Spiritual gates may prevent a person from getting married, having babies, having financial breakthrough, getting promoted, earning a degree, experiencing growth in the ministry. Some churches planted in certain areas come under the yoke of the principalities ruling over that territory and they hardly experience any growth, they remain spiritually squeezed and suppressed until they pray and unseat the territorial demon sitting on the spiritual gates of that territory.
This is the kind of thing that happened in Acts 17:16-34 and Acts 19:23-41, the city was fully under spiritual siege. When almost everyone living in any city or state is given to a particular pattern of lifestyle like drunkenness, adultery, idolatry, fornication, incest, ungodliness, self-righteousness, gambling, sexual pervasion (lesbianism, homosexuality, transgender, etc), they are actually under the yoke of whatsoever demon is sitting at the gates of that city/state; and you’d notice that the few people who refuse to conform to the prevailing lifestyle are seen as outcasts and archaic.

For some people and some families we see patterns for the disasters and afflictions that they have suffered. They occur at a particular month, season, place or age. This may indicate the operation of satanic gates set up against them. The Bible tells us that the gates of hell shall not prevail against us. It also tells us that we should not be ignorant lest Satan take advantage of us (see 2nd Cor. 2:11). We must possess the gates of our enemies according to Genesis 22:17 and Genesis 24:60. However, for many of us the enemies have already possessed our gates.

Gates are strengthened by the presence of gatemen.

Every entry point on the road into a city is a gate. That is why you will sometimes see witches and wizards singing and walking barefoot all over the street in the early hours of the morning.
They are making contact with the various gates on the roads up to the borders of the city.
They take over the gates and control the people in the city.
They are indirectly using the law in Deuteronomy 11:24 against the people (remember that everything the devil knows or taught his people were copied from God). So as they walk around barefooted reciting their enchantments and incantations, they bring the people of that city under their spell and whatsoever they program over their lives comes to pass. When people now move into such cities or towns, they quickly lose their jobs, businesses, properties, health, their kids or even their lives.
Satanists use human sacrifices to open the gate of the ground so that it can swallow up its inhabitants and resources; and so you’d notice high cases of murder, suicide and deaths in that area. When you drive around your city gates, especially the toll-gate areas and any other place the Spirit of God shows you, you can stop there for a while, anoint the place and say, “Lift up your heads, O ye gates, and let the King of glory come in”. By that, you destroy satanic altars there and establish God’s own altar, from then on things are bound to change for the better in that locality. No demon operates in a land without coming through a gate. Without gates or altars, demons cannot come in.
Altars sustain and keep them. Each time you see people building a shrine or an altar they are building a doorway for Satan. Anywhere libation is poured, a gate is being opened (see Amos 5:10 and Isaiah 62:10).
Gates are satanic strongholds.
Isaiah 45:2 reveals the nature of the gates we are up against in spiritual warfare – they are made of bronze and iron. We often need prayer and fasting to deal with them. God desires to help us to open the gates that are shut against us because lack of knowledge has put His people into serious bondage (see Isaiah 45:1-3). Throughout your life, continue to raise altars to God and call the name of Jehovah over your life, the lives of your family, your office, your properties, and your interests. Hand your gates over to God.
There are gates in the air, on land, on the seas and under the seas. There are gates also by the seashore. When you see people pouring libation or making sacrifices by the seashore they are opening doorways for the sea to transfer the demons inside back to them on land. Therefore, when you pour anointing oil and speak God’s word, the earth hears and responds. That is why when you anoint a place that has troubled you and command the trouble to stop, the sensitivity in that place is supposed to open up to your prayer.
In breaking demonic yokes over your gates, anointing oil is vital.
Declare a fast and use anointing oil to break yokes. Send the words and anoint the place. You can command the desolation to lift away and destroy the gates of hell in that place. The Bible speaks about the keys to heaven and the keys of earth. Two of the keys of heaven are called Praise and Worship. We must have plenty of praise. When you worship doors open. It is the language the earth hears readily.
Each time the Old Testament saints entered a city they built an altar to subdue the land (see Joshua 18:1). That altar was to open a gate, a doorway into the city to control the gates that operated there. It was to establish a covenant. Covenants establish altars for us and the power of dominion flows through the covenant. In the New Testament, whenever people made a covenant with the Lord, they were building an altar for themselves.
Until you begin to open your mouth and release the Word of God from the inspiration and revelation you get from Him, or from reading His words against your situation, the gate controlling that situation cannot open. But when you open your mouth to speak, you are establishing the covenant of the Lord. In other words you are establishing the altar of God in your life.
This means being in charge of your life and not under the yoke or manipulation of any man or spirit. The following has to be taken care of:
1. Your star has to be intact – it is your star that pulls into your life those things/events which your destiny needs to be fulfilled. One of the prevailing spiritual ignorance in the Christiandom is that they do not know that the people of the dark kingdom (star gazers, necromancers, witches and wizards) hunt/attack/steal/block/use other people’s star to their own benefit, and when that happens, the victim finds it very difficult to manifest his/her destiny and good things hardly come their way (see Matthew 2:9). By word of knowledge, whenever a child is born, his star appears in the heavenlies (spiritually) and it can be accessed by wicked forces who start tampering with it. Parents should always pray for their children and speak the word of protection (maybe using Psalm 91) over their star, and if possible, anoint them too. If you are not so sure about the status of your star, please pray and ask God for revelation.
2. Your destiny has to be intact – the destiny is the book written of you by God which you’re sent into the earth to execute. When the dragon found out the destiny of the child in Revelation 12, he positioned himself to swallow the child and in our world it manifested as Herod killing about 2,000 children just for the sake of a single child. You cannot be in charge of your life if you are outside your destiny – it simply means living outside the will of God for you and it is part of the devil’s manipulations. It causes so much confusion, frustration and dissatisfaction. I wonder what would have happened if Christ had refused to fulfil his destiny. For example, someone called into ministry who decides to run away and become a salesman would never have peace just like Jonah never had peace when he was running away from his destiny (see Psalm 40:7 and Jonah 1:1-17). You can also ask God for revelation concerning your destiny.
3. Raise altars unto God everywhere – one of the ways to quickly dispossess the powers of darkness of their dominion is to raise altars like Abraham unto God everywhere such that even if we are not presently in that place, the dominion cannot be broken (the altar is established by the scriptures, which in turn cannot be broken). It’ll be the same scenario with Dagon and the ark of the covenant (the ark was a kind of mobile altar) in 1st Samuel 5:2-4, and just as the hand of the Lord was heavy upon the Philistines and smote them with emerods (1st Samuel 5:6), that is how the Lord would frustrate their tokens, make their diviners mad and break all their yokes and burdens upon the people wherever His altar is erected. As the earth we live in is already heavily demonized, you can take up the ministry of liberating towns, cities, states and nations by raising altars unto God or sponsoring such ministry into various places, to plant altars both on land and water. Remember, Dagon had already been existing in the land until the ark came, yet Dagon was destroyed.
The Lord also promised Abraham that his seed shall possess their enemies’ gates – that means ruling over their enemies, overcoming their devices, counsels and manipulations. Winning Over The Months. 
The following points are necessary before you can possess your enemies’ gates and possess the month of this month of May.
1. You must be a friend of God – Abraham was a friend of God when the Lord gave him that promise. We being the seed of Abraham cannot live our lives as we please and still expect to be in charge of our enemies’ gates and rule over them just because the promise has been given in Genesis 22:17. Abraham walked in faith and total submission to the ways of God; so also must we walk in total obedience to His voice (through the Spirit – Romans 8:14) and His commandments (John 15:14-15). Remember that whenever Israel walked with God, they had dominion over their enemies; but when they departed from their God, their enemies ruled over them. So, check your life today and be sure it is in accordance with what God wants – our lives don’t belong to us, for in Him we live and move and derive our being.
2. Your commitment to the kingdom of God – there must some level of commitment in spreading the kingdom of God before the promise can be established. When the 72 disciples returned with joy to Christ in Luke 10:17, the Lord made a proclamation of dominion over them in Luke 10:19. In the same way, Abraham got the promise in Genesis 22:17 after he ‘sacrificed’ Isaac (his only son) unto God in Genesis 22:12-16. There must be some form of dedication to the work of God before you can be empowered to be in charge of the gate because the fate of others would also depend on you. The dominion is for the sake of God and for His kingdom and not for any personal appraisals.
3. Be anointed with the power – the word of God is the power in the mouth of the believer. To possess your enemies’ gates and be in charge:
a) You must know the right words to use (see Psalm 8:2),
b) The right injunctions from the scripture (see Psalm 119:89),
c) The right judgement to pronounce concerning the gates (Joshua 1:8) and
d) The right ordinances of heaven to perform (Elijah knew exactly the details of how to erect that altar on Mount Carmel, and when he did, fire came down). The ordinances of heaven establishes dominion on earth (see Job 38:33).
Pray this prayer at your physical gates or entrance to your house, city, street, etc. and anoint the place with oil to break any yoke of evil dominion according to Isaiah 10:27.
Prayer Bullet 1. (Based on Isa. 28:5-6; 29:6).
Father, thank you for the revelation on spiritual gates. I receive an anointing to deal with all gates prevailing against me. I receive the Spirit of justice to sit in judgment against this satanic device. I receive strength to flush the enemy out of my gates in the Name of Jesus. I release thunder, earthquake, storm, tempest and devouring fire to totally destroy every satanic gate restricting my progress and my blessings in the name of Jesus.
Prayer Bullet 2. (Based on Hosea 7:12, Matthew 18:18, Amos 7:4).
Satan, the Lord rebuke you. I throw the giant dragnet of the Holy Ghost and I catch all the spiritual “gate men” working against me and my family. I bind you and cast you into the pit of fire in the name of Jesus.
Prayer Bullet 3. (Based on Proverbs 14:19, Psalm 147:13).
Father, thank you for your covenant that evil shall bow before the good, and the wicked shall bow at the gates of the righteous. I demand that every evil spirit or wicked person shall be disarmed at this gate, in Jesus name. Every wicked spirit or person shall be judged at this gate. I therefore shut this gate permanently against the wicked. I command the stealing and affliction in this area to stop in the mighty name of Jesus Amen.
Prayer Bullet 4. (Based on Isa. 45:1-3)
Thank you my Father for taking my right hand to subdue nations and to loose the armor of kings. Lord, go ahead and open the two-leaved gates so that they will remain open as our blessings keep flowing in. Father, please make the crooked places before me straight and break in pieces the gates of brass and the bars of iron. I now ask for the real treasures of darkness and the hidden riches of secret places to be given to me and the saints in this area. Thank you for giving them to us. I declare that you are my God and King in Jesus name Amen.

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