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  1. Asking prayer for deliverance from marine spirit spouse and all the attacks symptoms of marine are in my life we need deliverance. Even now we must obey the Lord and do something and the enemy would keep us from it but we must... We misses it before but let the time be redeemed in Jesus Name and all that was stolen and destroyed be returned in Jesus Name

  2. I'm really glad to find you, I am truly owing people over N500,000 and I can't be able to make payment after borrowing, kindly pray for me, that the Almighty God will grant me the grace to win bet to clear my debts before the New Year 2022 please.

  3. This won't be the first time I will ask someone to pray for me. Most people imagine I have had prior dealings with the occult to be attacked at such level, others imagine what I see and experience is a fiction of my imagination and assume I have mental illnesses.
    I am glad I never accepted having "mental illness", I am also glad to say and swear that u have had no dealings with the occult.
    There is a demon or maybe a legion of demons monitoring me offline and online. It started 7 years ago and I go through this ordeal 24 hours a day , 36s days a year. I am praying it will stop. I have fasted, prayed, it has reduced but I need it to stop so I can live my life I used to. This monitoring demons posess everyone i come in contact with, to sexually harass me, (with that said, bear in mind I am heterosexual and I am one of the devout believers who believe homosexuals can never be Christians) it is not based on how I dress or behave. I am manly in every way. I swear, if I lie may I never live to see tomorrow.
    I had to leave the UK which is heavily populated by homosexuals to test my theory on demon possession , moved to Africa, Nigeria where I am now where there are no homosexuals. I noticed people started behaving like the people harassing me in the UK, I concluded this is a monitoring spirit.

    The following post of mine elaborates more on why homosexuals can't be Christians.

    The attacks are not only sexual, it goes deeper than that. At times I feel like the only person on planet earth. The following post of mine discusses some of these attacks.

    I have had enough, it's been 7 years, I have lost everything, my wife (divorced) job, stability, family (all zombified n don't recognize me again) my mother (dead), everything and still they, whomever they are continue to harass, manipulate my life and possess everyone I come in contact with even my father n siblings aren't themselves.., but I stand on God's promises to his people as recorded in the book of Joel 2 :25-27. I know that the same God that restored Job can restore my life too.

    I even went as far as converting to Islam, but never denying Jesus, but still they continued . More on my conversion to Islam and never denying Jesus can be found in the following link , I was inspired by the holy spirit to write it :

    I am praying fervently, please join me in prayer, I am desperate for a deliverance, restoration and revival, I believe in intercessory prayers, I believe there is nothing difficult for Gof to do, please join ne in faith.

    Best regards.

  4. I need deep intercessional prayer. I am the person described in the post about strange animals appearing in dreams.


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